Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM)

ACHESREM works with stakeholders, including; development partners, governments, civil society sector and communities to expand equity in access to livelihoods, with the aim of attaining quality health for the Kenyan people.

ACHESREM’s focus is in expanding opportunities for the less privileged members of the society through empowerment of communities and through expansion of policy engagement space to ensure government adherence to local and international commitments.

The organization also empowers policy makers and communities to establish, adopt and implement policies and programs aimed at mitigation of climate change, with emphasis in reversing the impact of climate on population and health.

To achieve these objectives, ACHESREM partners with stakeholders in generating evidence for program and policy development through research studies.

ACHESREM also works with partners in building capacity of stakeholders at various levels to empower them for adequate engagement in policy processes.

Noting the capacity gaps in research, monitoring and evaluation, ACHESREM, provides consulting services in diverse fields as indicated in our consultancy services page.




Partnerships, Networking & Information Sharing


We support global learning through partnership, networking and information sharing to establish communities of good practice.


Capacity Building for Advocacy & Policy Engagement


Evidence based and targeted advocacy for equitable access to health care is core in our partnership with the Health NGOs Network.