Surveys and Data Collection

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) offers comprehensive survey research services that empower clients to gain valuable and actionable insights on issues that matter. We have in-house capacity to design, methodological, and statistical knowledge through the implementation of large and complex survey research projects.

Our survey research services include:

  • Designing samples, data collection protocols, and instruments
  • Conducting surveys through a variety of data collection methods
  • Analyzing, reporting, and presenting findings
  • Protecting all processes and data through quality assurance and system security

Our statisticians, survey methodologists, project managers, survey analysts, subject matter experts, and consultants work side-by-side to collect the best possible data and increase each client’s ability to act on survey results. The statistical and methodological experience of our survey research staff is complemented by the depth and breadth of the subject matter knowledge within Adapt Africa, ranging from health, education, and social programs to energy, environment, and transportation.

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) survey research teams offer expertise across all data collection modes, such as telephone, mail, web, in-person, and mixed-mode designs. We have a centralized operations center with 500 CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) stations, along with additional satellite centers and distributed interviewers.