Capacity Building Approach

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) helps public and private sector programs realize their full potential through the development and operation of successful technical assistance models.

We strive to develop and mobilize knowledge, expertise and abilities to support sustainable development.

We specialize in strategic planning and governance mechanisms for transformational adaptation.

We use evidence-based applications, state-of-the-art technology, and proven best practices to help clients build capacity and improve effectiveness.

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM)’s experts start with a needs assessment to determine. We work with the clients to ensure that identified goals and objectives are achieved in a timely fashion and with high efficiency. We achieve our capacity building objectives through various approaches including:

  • Needs and capacity assessments
  • Technical and functional training plans to meet development goals
  • Institutional development and strengthening
  • Technical assistance to government agencies and development partners
  • Mentoring and train-the-trainers approaches
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Learning exchanges
  • Strategic planning support
  • Knowledge management
  • Education and awareness raising campaigns
  • Change management strategies

Monitoring & Evaluation Capacity Building

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) enables clients to build capacity in program monitoring and evaluation in areas such as public health, social services, and education, determining performance indicators and standardized data elements.

Building capacity in monitoring and evaluation in organizations and individuals allows maximum resource use, particularly when establishing programs in challenging environments such as developing countries. Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM)’s experience in these circumstances—and our innovative and flexible approach to monitoring and evaluation—benefits clients seeking to build these internal capacities and helps clients keep their programs on target.

We train staff within organizations to define and implement studies and evaluations that are meaningful and lead to actionable results and improved outcomes. At the organizational level, Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM)  helps define evaluation needs and plans for implementation.

In addition to training and technical assistance for building monitoring and evaluation capacity, Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) provides strategic services to help clients:

  • Manage change and communicate developments to grantees or awardees
  • Adjust data collection systems or indicators to reflect program changes
  • Produce report snapshots to show continued progress
  • Leverage existing resources to expand capacity in monitoring and evaluation
  • Successfully implement improvement and reform initiatives

Organizational Development & Transformation

In the context of evolving environments, demands, and technologies, organizations must be prepared to transform and align their strategies and operations to the anticipated changes.

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) provides technical support to organizations to help align your processes, resources and personnel to grow into organizational development and transformation. Specific organizational development and transformational services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management and Organizational Transformation
  • Process Improvement
  • Digital Change Management
  • Organizational Assessment & Design
  • Development of a Learning Organization and Continuous Process Improvement