About Us

We partner with NGOs/ CSOs, governments and private organizations; applying innovative strategies and dissemination and implementation research, and leveraging our expertise with large data systems to examine existing models to inform policy changes and develop and evaluate programs with potential for high impact.

Our work at the center seeks to generate evidence that is used by stakeholders to guide decision making in policy processes, in program development and in prioritization of resources/ investment.

We generate and disseminate scientific knowledge on health and health systems—including policies, strategies, practices, and priority programs and use this knowledge to promote health systems strengthening.

The Africa Center for Health Systems Research and Management (ACHESREM) aims to strengthen evidence base under the key domains of health, specifically focusing on:

  • Social determinants of health
  • Health service delivery
  • Human resources for health (HRH)
  • Medical supply chain management
  • Health management information systems (HMIS)
  • Healthcare financing
  • Health sector governance
  • Health innovations, impact investment in health and health equity

We are endowed with expertise and a wealth of experience across a number of sub sectors in health including:

  • Health and climate change
  • Gender and health
  • Environmental health
  • HIV/ AIDS & TB
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • School health
  • OVC care and support
  • Nutrition and food security in health
  • Non-communicable disease (NCD)
  • Road safety

Under our technical assistance and capacity building portfolio, we support government entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith based organizations (FBOs), communities and private sector players in strategic planning, information management and use, research, monitoring and evaluation of health and development programs.

The research conducted by ACHESREM is multi-disciplinary. The Center and her research associates include people from disciplines as diverse as medicine, health marketing and communications, nutrition and food security, demography, enterprise development, innovations and impact investment in the health sector, statistics and economics, among others.