Programs Design and Implementation

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) blends classic program management with new and groundbreaking approaches to create sustainable solutions for ever-changing program needs. Our program management experts bring a multidisciplinary approach to achieve success in key sectors of climate change, energy, agriculture, health, and information technology. We constantly strive to find innovative ways to foster excellence in the field of program management as well as maintain a leading role in industry expertise and insights. We work with organizations to develop and implement training and technical assistance programs aimed at improving performance and maximizing impact.

We support our clients and partners to design and implement evidence-based interventions that impact on livelihoods, and that enhance poverty reduction and wealth creation.

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) delivers ongoing needs assessment and evaluation services throughout a project engagement to ensure programs are designed for maximum impact and program objectives are being met and validated. Effective training and technical assistance requires meticulous needs assessment and evaluation. Each program starts with an assessment and ends with an evaluation to ensure quality control and continuous improvement. Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM)’s custom needs assessments include methods such as structured dialogues and web-based surveys.

Following implementation, we employ a range of program evaluation designs—from basic feedback surveys to in-depth, post-training interviews with program participants and their supervisors.

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) tailors evaluations to demonstrate outcomes linked to the training program’s learning objectives. We evaluate from different stakeholder perspectives to determine if outcomes have been demonstrated through:

  • New knowledge or skills
  • Changes in attitude, behavior, or performance
  • Improved operations, policies, and practices

Africa Centre for Health Systems Research & Management (ACHESREM) offers a continual feedback loop throughout a program life cycle, turning needs assessment and evaluation data into actionable recommendations.